When School Gets Real: Teachers Connect Classroom Lessons to Current Events

  • 2018-08-13
  • The New York Times

How do you connect what you’re learning in the classroom with what’s going on in the world outside of school?

For the Aug. 5 edition of Learning, a quarterly Times print section about education, we rounded up some answers to that question from teachers and students. If you’d like to see what will appear in print, check out “Teachers and Students Speak Out When School Gets Real.”

Our student submissions were drawn from the 1,200 responses we received last year when, as one of our many annual student challenges, we asked teenagers to link their lessons to life.

As the only school counselor, I saw a need to address the issue of race and allow students the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings and concerns in a safe environment at school. With the support of administration and classroom teachers, I led a class activity about prejudices which transformed into an open discussion about race. It was a wonderful way to allow children to process the world around them with the support of their peers.