Maria Petmesidou to Speak at the 2018 Conference on Learning

  • 2018-04-16

We are pleased to announce that Maria Petmesidou will be speaking at the Twenty-fifth International Conference on Learning.

Maria Petmesidou (Ph.D. Oxford University) is Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at Democritus University (Greece), and Fellow of CROP/ISSC (Comparative Research on Poverty/International Social Science Council under the auspices of UNESCO). She has published extensively on social policy and welfare reform in Greece and Southern Europe. Most recently she co-edited the books: Economic crisis and austerity in Southern Europe: threat or opportunity for a sustainable welfare state? (London: Routledge, 2015) and Child poverty and youth (un)employment and social exclusion (Stuttgart: Ibidem, 2016). Her most recent publications include also: “Welfare Reform in Greece: a major crisis, crippling debt conditions and stark challenges ahead” (in P. Taylor-Gooby, et al. eds After austerity. Welfare state transformation in Europe after the Great Recession, OUP); “Can the European Union 2020 Strategy deliver on social inclusion? (CROP Working Paper Series on Global Challenges, No 2, June 2017); (with M. González-Menéndez) “Policy transfer and innovation for building resilient bridges to labour market” (in J. O’Reilly, et al. eds Youth labour in transition, OUP (forthcoming 2018). In the last four years she coordinated research on health care reform in Greece (funded by the Observatory on Economic and Social Developments of the Labour Institute of the Greek General Confederation of Labour, 2014-2015) and on policy learning and transfer in the field of youth employment policies (funded under the EC FP7 programme, 2014-2017).

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