Conference Dinner, Sixteenth International Conference on Learning, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Conference Dinner, Twenty-Second International Conference on Learning, CEU San Pablo University, Madrid, Spain

The International Conference on Learning is pleased to offer delegates a selection of optional activities to help enhance the conference experience. In our blended conference model, both place-based and innovative online spaces will frame serendipitous encounters for personal and professional growth.

Conference Dinner: Marina Beach Club Restaurant

The Learner Conference is pleased to announce the Conference Dinner.

Join fellow delegates and the plenary speakers for dinner at Marina Beach Club Valencia.

The Marina Restaurant blends modern, avant-garde, and innovative cuisine with the essence of the Mediterranean culinary tradition. The menu of the restaurant combines modern and avant-garde cuisine with local cuisine and traditional Valencian dishes. With a circular floor plan and large windows to Las Arenas beach, Marina Restaurant is a charming space offering spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Dinner will begin with a variety of starters: Russian salad, sautéed artichokes, cuttlefish with sweet potato, caramelized micuit foie with compote ciabatta apple and toast, and homemade ham croquettes. For the main course, delegates can choose between Valencian paella with chicken and rabbit, cod made in a garlic-pork broth, or cannelloni made with ricotta and spinach (vegetarian). Catalan aerial cream with lemon coulis and toffee ice cream will be served for dessert. Wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages are included.

Dinner Details
Date: Tuesday, 14 June
Time: 20:30 (8:30 PM)
Location: Marina Beach Club Valencia, Carrer Marina Real Juan Carlos I, s/n, 46011 València, Valencia, Spain (view map)
Cost: US$60

Booking: Reservations can be made by clicking the button below. Please note, only reservations that have been paid in full will be considered confirmed and spaces are limited. Simply requesting a reservation will not guarantee a place at the dinner.

Online Special Events

Online Welcome Reception

Join other delegates for a pre-conference welcome reception. We'll send you a package of digital treats, discuss this year's theme, and walk you through the CGScholar Event Mircosite so you have a rich online experience.

Online Plenary Garden Conversation

Talk with this year's Plenary Speakers in a live question and answer session.

Online Talking Circles

Talking Circles are a distinctive feature of our in-person conference, and this year we are also taking them online. Talking Circles offer an opportunity to meet other delegates face-to-face, and engage in extended discussion about the issues and concerns they feel are of utmost importance to that segment of the Research Network. Participation is open, encouraged, and supported.

Online Meet the Managing Editor

Meet with Kerry Dixon, Managing Editor of Books at Common Ground Research Networks. Kerry will be available in ten-minute appointments. Registered Delegates will receive a pre-conference email with details on signing up. We look forward to answering your questions about the book publishing process, and listening to your ideas and projects!