July 23, 2013


News Corp. Introduces a New Kind of Interactivity to the Classroom

fastcompany.com | Original Article | by Anya Kamenetz

Joel Klein joined News Corp. in 2010 to help shape the future of education, but educators were still focused on his past. He'd made many enemies during the previous eight years as New York City's public schools chancellor. Teachers' unions considered him a bully and distrusted his new boss, Rupert Murdoch, whom they saw as a shark looking to profit off the public school system. Klein's conversations with administrators rarely got anywhere, and after the News of the World phone-hacking scandal broke--and Murdoch had him run the internal investigation into the mess--News Corp. lost a $27 million contract with New York City's schools. "A lot of the political fights I was involved in are polarizing," he says. "What people want is a pathway that's encouraging."

Now he hopes that pathway has opened.

It's called Amplify, and Klein unveiled it this spring. Amplify is two things: the first touch-screen tablet designed for the educational market and a tablet-based curriculum. Districts can buy both, or just one--running another company's curriculum on Amplify tablets, or running Amplify content on any other connected device. A Wi-Fi-enabled tablet sells for $299, with a $99 annual subscription fee to cover service and support, or there's an AT&T 4G-enabled $349 model that comes with a $179 fee. Curriculum prices vary. Read More...

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