2018 Special Focus: Education in a Time of Austerity and Social Turbulence

Until recently, education was considered without hesitation to be a public good. For much of the twentieth century, education budgets grew, funded by progressive taxation. Education became compulsory for all, and more students stayed on to complete higher levels of post-compulsory education. Since fall of the Berlin war, the tide has turned, and education systems have been profoundly affected by a wave of austerity. Public budgets have been cut. Meanwhile, schools have faced new challenges with wave upon wave of immigrants and refugees, and the rise of intolerant ethno-nationalisms. In addition to the usual broad range of themes, the special theme of this year’s conference will be education in a time of turbulence. How do educators respond? How do we best serve the needs of our students? What are the challenges we face in pedagogy, curriculum and educational institutions? Join us in Athens, capital of a country which has experienced more than fair share of austerity in recent years, and where schools and society have had to support the needs of large numbers of immigrants and refugees.

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