Fuxing Liu

Dr. Fuxing Liu is a professor in the Faculty of Education at Beijing Normal University and the vice-president of Northwest Normal University in China. He works in the field of educational policy and politics. His research interests include higher education policy and high school policy, equity and quality in education, and educational innovation. His main publications include The Value Analysis of Educational Policy (Educational Science Publishing, 2003); The Index of Educational Development in China (co-authored, Beijing Normal University Press, 2014) Education Equity under Market Economy: Problems and Institutional Arrangement (Journal of Beijing Normal University, 2005); Innovations of New Compulsory Education Law” in Educational Research (Educational Research, 2006); and Establishing the equal education for all (QiuShi, 2011), etc. He has completed and is currently directing several national projects, including Comprehensive Reform of Research System of Philosophy and Social Science (2014-Present); and The Legislation of High School Education Policy. Dr. Liu also works as the vice-director of China Institute of Education Policy and the vice-president of the Division of Educational Policy and Law under the Chinese Educational Research Association. He is also the consultant of The National Medium and Long Term Educational Reform and Development Outline and other educational policies and laws. Professor Liu earned his PhD from Beijing Normal University.